Hic anda thu- me and you


Linoprint on handmade mulberry paper,

Size: 24x 31,5 cm

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Size: 24x 31,5 cm (9,5 x 12,4 inch.

Erna’s inspiration for this linocut was the oldest written sentence found in the Dutch language ( 1100 AD), a very poetic one!‘Hebban olla uogala nestas hagunnan hinase hi(c) (e)nda thu uuat unbidan uue nu’ ( old Dutch).Translation: ‘Did all birds built a nest, except for me and you, what are we waiting for?’ Inspired by the image of the woman with this nest on her head. Size: 24x 31,5 cm (9,5 x 12,4 inch. Oilbased ink on mulberry paper. Writer Christie Collins made wonderful poetry seeing this work. This is a detail of her poem:

‘Home. You wanted to home

with me, in my skin with me,

in a nest of twigs & Pine with me.

To winter and spring with me’.


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